Dempsey Architects

Dempsey Architects was established in 1991. Lead by its principal, Kieran Dempsey, the practice takes pride in its positive approach that is highly focused on its Clients’ requirements and provides sensitive and stylish architectural solutions for a wide range of projects. The Practice has a high degree of efficiency saving both time and money for our clients. The large and expanding manner of built projects and satisfied clients are a testament to this approach.

The ethos of Dempsey Architects is to take a design lead approach to commissions to create buildings that are attractive, function properly, are durable, are cost effective, and are produced on time.

The practice is managed with a flat management structure headed by the Principal. All projects in the practice are overseen by Kieran Dempsey. Larger Projects are managed on a day to day basis by a Project Architect heading a team of Architects and Architectural Assistants with the input of the Principal. Day to day management of other projects is handled directly by the Principal working with the assistance of the architectural staff.

The majority of staff are Architects. This means that Clients can be sure that the architectural service will be backed by staff with a keen and professional knowledge of architecture, design, construction and contractual matters, and have the experience and expertise to liaise fully with everyone involved in the design and construction process, including Clients, consultants, and contractors.